Our professional screenwriters for hire can write or ghostwrite a wide variety of screenplays. Whether you need a movie script, TV show series, short film, webisode, or something else, we have a screenwriter who specializes in the type of screenplay you need. 

We even go a step further and have screenwriters who specialize in a particular genre within that type of screenwriting. For instance, we have screenwriting specialists for your action/adventure, drama, comedy, romantic comedy, mystery, biography, animation, crime, superhero, thriller, and more.

Our screenwriters for hire begin by learning about your story and planning it. For movies and TV shows, our screenwriters will then write what’s known as a treatment in the industry. It contains a logline (one to two sentence summary), description of each of the main characters, and summary. For a movie the summary will be written in 3 acts — the industry standard. For a TV show series, we will write a brief summary of each episode of the first season.

With that approved, we can go ahead and write the screenplay, which you can order in installments.

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