Our novel writers for hire begin by learning about your story and creating a plan. Next, our novelists create, develop, or flesh out your characters and plot and plan your novel. It starts with character descriptions and a one-page summary. Once you’re satisfied with that portion, we go a step further and write a summary of each chapter.

After you’re happy with the chapter summaries, we can go ahead and write the first chapters. You’re welcome to order in installments. Once you receive each portion of your novel, just read it over and let our novel writers for hire know if you have any questions or comments and if you want anything revised. We’ll make the revisions and when you’re happy with it, we can proceed to the next section and repeat the process until we have completed your novel.

We can even help you with the publication process if you’d like. Whether you want to self-publish your novel or submit a book proposal to traditional publishing companies, we have you covered.

Our story and novel writers for hire can help you publish your book as a print book, ebook, and audiobook. Our team has graphic artists who can create an original book cover. We also offer book formatting services so you can publish your novel as an ebook for Amazon Kindle, Nook, and other ebook sites. Finally, we have professional voice actors who can read and record your book so it can be published as an audiobook on Amazon’s Audible and other sites.

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