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Sci-fi Book to TV Treatment - Shadow Games
Rap Ghostwriter Lyrics - Get Me Out Song Lyrics
Rap Ghostwriter - West Coast Rap Lyric Writer
Novel Planning - Young Adult
A Way of Life - Novel
Romance Novel Sample - Amelia Danes
Fantasy Action Scene
Historical Fantasy Scene
Fantasy Scene: The Land in a Black Hole - Fantasy Writers for Hire
Macabre Fantasy Scene
Fantasy Romance Scene
Teen Fantasy Scene
Epic Fantasy Scene - Fantasy Writers for Hire
Novel Planning - The Last Historian
R Rated Stand up Comedy - Sexist
Science Fiction Alien Movie Treatment
Rap / Hip Hop Lyrics: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
Novel Sample - The Pineville Heist
Sci-fi, Myth Screenplay - From Heaven to Earth They Came
Science Fiction Alien Movie Screenplay
Book to TV Treatment - Detective
Detective TV Show Pilot Episode
Book to TV Coverage Services
Book to TV Show Coverage
TV Treatment: Historical Fiction
TV Pilot Historical Fiction
Young Adult Movie Treatment
Movie Screenplay Young Adult Scifi, Writers for Hire
Movie Treatment - Nazi Persecution of Jewish Artists
Young Adult Novel Writing Sample - Scifi, Language & Cultural Discrimination
How to Book - Three Act Movie Screenplay Structure Ebook: by John Halas
Rap / Hip Hop Song Lyrics - Get My Grind On
Stand up Comedy - Teaching / Relationships
Novel - The Sum of Random Chance